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itsColl Plus+ *Beauty Collagen Drink*

Why itsColl PLUS+?

Benefits of itsColl Plus+ Moisturizing skin and maintain moisture skin. Brightening skin. Reduce wrinkles and prevent sagging skin.Restore skin elasticity.Shrink pores, delicate skin. Reduce stretch marks.Repair bumpy skin.Reduce wrinkles around eyes area.Lighthen dark spot and pigmentation.L-Glutathione: whitening effect.L-Glutathione: helps in liver detoxifcation.Sakura Extract: increase skin rejuvenation.Strong anti-oxidants.Protect from sun exposure/ stress/ air pollution.Marine Collagen contains Amino Acids, which is a great form of Protein.Contains Vitamin C which helps in Collagen Absorption.Slow down signs of aging.Protect your heart.Improve hair condition.Protect body joints. Improve sleep quality.Improve body immunity.Breast firming.Improve constipation.
The age-defying secret nutrients:  1) Marine Collagen and  Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Moisturizing, smoothing out wrinkles.Making skin bright.Tightens pores.Diminish fine lines.Restore brittle hair and nails.  2) L-Gl…